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Rate Bills For Northern Ireland 2017/18 Rolled Out

 Rate Bills For Northern Ireland 2017/18 Rolled Out

Rate Bills For Northern Ireland 2017/18 Rolled Out

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Rate bills were sent to businesses and homes across Northern Ireland last week.

The amount owed is for the billing period 2017/18, plus any unpaid arrears from previous years, along with any applicable rate relief.

If your circumstances have changed, or you think the bill is incorrect, or you are having problems paying, or you’re not the ratepayer, or you haven’t received the bill, contact LPS immediately on 0300 200 7801

There is information about how your bill is calculated, methods of payment, how to get help with paying your rates, as well as answers to a number of frequently asked questions, click here:
District Rate Subsidy

The District Rate Subsidy continues for those domestic and non-domestic ratepayers whose rates increased significantly with the merger of some councils in April 2015.

If you are eligible, the reduction will automatically be applied to and shown on your bill.
Discount available

If you prefer to pay your domestic rate bill in full, a discount of 4% is available if LPS receives payment on or before the discount date of 16 June 2017. You must allow a minimum of five working days for payment to reach LPS.
How to pay

You can pay your rate bill online by clicking here. You can also pay your bill by Direct Debit over 10 months. You can set this up online by clicking here.

LPS offers a choice of three collection dates:

7th of the month

15th of the month

28th of the month

Full details of these and all other payment methods can be found at the NIdirect page.

If you are having trouble paying your rates, contact LPS immediately.

You can speak to LPS staff in person about your rate bill, or if you need assistance with paying your bill, by visiting one of the LPS Customer Information Centres at:

Lanyon Plaza, Belfast

Academy House, Ballymena

Boaz House, Omagh

Marlborough House, Craigavon

Orchard House, Londonderry

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